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Traveling to Myanmar in 2021

Traveling to Myanmar

With several cases on the rise and restrictions around the world regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, it almost appears like there is no end to the travel stoppages. Regardless, many countries and travelers worldwide remain optimistic and look forward to seeing a recovery in traveling. In 2021, travel is expected to be a stop-and-go expedition as businesses and governments attempt to find a standardized, reasonable, and feasible plan to normalize things.

It is important to recall that the travel industry has undergone several setbacks time by time. Nonetheless, it always comes out by breathing back life into itself. From the deadliest terrorist attacks to ongoing security threats to all kinds of small and significant epidemics, the travel industry managers aim to help people reach their desired locations and be where they wish to be, with a few minor bumps on the way. The Covid-19 pandemic is no different.

Based on the vaccine efforts, the airline industry might experience some improvements. The border and pandemic situations are gradually developing worldwide, at their own respective paces. As a result, most countries’ tourism is recovering at a quicker pace, while others are still struggling to catch up. Still, you can rest assured that travel will resume in 2021, although in a relatively different form.

New Preferences in Destinations and Attractions

Social distancing guidelines and measures have extended to destinations, including amusement parks, restaurants, and famous attraction sites. These essential social distancing policies continue being implemented at least for the first two quarters of 2021.

Fortunately, this will drive tourists to be more interested in spending time outdoors, admire nature’s beautiful attractions, and even travel to remote countries. Located in South Asia, Myanmar is a real gem of a place with its enchanting villages, exciting cities, enthralling beaches, and mesmerizing culture.

Since Myanmar has only recently opened itself to tourism, it has not yet been swarmed by foreigners. Thus, you have the ultimate chance to encounter an authentic and one-of-a-kind experience.

Great Places to Visit in Myanmar

Unquestionably, Myanmar boasts a fair share of spectacular things to do and places to see through. Brimming with iconic attractions and pleasant sights, Myanmar is bound to steal a fragment of your hearts the very minute you step onto the grounds of this inspirational country. Here are some of the most breathtaking attractions you shouldn’t forget to check out.


Out of all the sand stretches in Myanmar, none is more popular than Ngapali. With a massive curve of white and yellow warping around the infamous Bay of Bengal, Ngpali boasts a breathtaking ocean of splashing turquoise blue waves and an array of swaying palm trees.

The Ngapali Beach is the ultimate place to visit this summer as it provides just the splendid remoteness and seclusion you need in Covid-19 for a pleasant and intimate vacation.

Besides enjoying the gorgeous vistas of the crystal blue waters and white sand, you can do plenty of things on the beach, like sunbathing, splashing in the cool waters, and purchasing delectable fruits and souvenirs from locals.

There are plenty of loungers peppering the golden sands and a plethora of tour organizers offering tons of water sports and activities like water skiing, scuba diving, sea kayaking, jet-skiing, etc.

Shwedagon Pagoda

The Shwedagon Pagoda is renowned as one of the most significant cultural gems. The sacred Buddhist stupa has been incorporated by UNESCO in their world heritage list and is a must-visit attraction place.

The beauty and splendor of this structure are unparalleled, enough to make your eyes pop. The Shwedagon Pagoda comprises numerous remains of the former Buddhas and the physical remnants of Buddha Gautama.

With a height of 112 meters and striking gold plates on the exterior, this magnificent stupa presents a truly exquisite piece of art and design. Around the stupa rest dozens of smaller yet equally impressive stupas. Indeed, it is quite a mesmerizing sight to feast your eyes on.

Bayon Temple

Among all the other monumental structures situated in the Angkor Wat, the Bayon Temple is the most popular and beautiful one. The Bayon Temple was constructed in honor of the Khmer king and is often called the Jayavarman’s Temple.

It is famous for its magnificent towers with smiling faces on each side. Altogether, almost 50 towers surround the ancient temple, with more than 200 faces with differing erosion levels. Each face projects the same blissful smile and closed eyes.

The Bayon Temple and its towers represent an unmatched state of internal peace and possibly even a state of Nirvana.

Take a Tour of Myanmar

Myanmar is an exceptionally spectacular country. It brims with rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural vistas, magnificent attraction places, and, not to forget, delectable food!

Whether you have previously visited Thailand, Cambodia, or Vietnam and are seeking a different experience this time, or you have never been to this side of the globe, you just cannot miss planning a trip to this wondrous prehistoric land. People from all walks of life will ultimately find one or several reasons to be captivated by Myanmar’s beauty and culture.

Besides its idyllic sunny beaches, astounding floating gardens, incredible golden palaces and pagodas, stupa-filled plains, and aged religious practices and rich culture, the primary reason why you will love Myanmar is that it still remains a relatively pristine country, untouched by tourism.

Food in Myanmar

Just like its exotic culture, Myanmar’s cuisine has profoundly benefited from its lack of tourism. This means most people who visit Myanmar have never been exposed to such exceptional and delicious flavors. Myanmar’s age-old original flavors and techniques of food preparations are still in use.

While in Myanmar, you absolutely must try their traditional dishes like Danbauk curry, fried quail eggs, Kyi Hnyat (almost like Pad Thai), and so much more. Hands down, Myanmar boasts some of the most delectable gastronomic delights ever!

Apply For Your Myanmar Visa Online

If you have vacation plans and want to apply for a Myanmar visa online after the restrictions for the Covid-19 pandemic have been lifted, you can submit your visa application in advance. Still, you will need to wait for approval until the immigration service reopens its inspections.

Once the Myanmar government deems the situation based around coronavirus subsides to some extent and is safe enough to welcome visitors, your submitted application will be processed.

In times of Covid-19, tourists also have the additional benefit of applying for their visas online. This way, you can easily maintain zero contact and apply for your visa online. The costs for the visa will be automatically charged during the virtual visa application procedure.

Register Your Trip with Your Embassy

It is highly advised to register your trip with your state department. This will inform the right department that you will be traveling to Myanmar. In case anything happens in that country, they will be able to contact you easily. Some embassies will send you alerts and notifications once you register your trip.

Covid-19 Entry and Quarantine Requirements for Myanmar

Since you are traveling in the time of coronavirus, you need to check all the travel requirements regarding the Covid-19 pandemic to enter and stay in Myanmar. All travel arrivals will have to comply with the Covid-19 entry and quarantine requirements in Myanmar.

Testing/Screening on Arrival

    All arrivals will undergo temperature checks Arrivals need to provide proof of evidence of a negative test result for Covid-19.

Quarantine Requirements

  • You need to quarantine for 7 days at home before the scheduled date of travel.
  • This should be verified by a doctor’s or employer’s declaration or a declaration of your own.
  • In these 7 days, you will only leave your home premises to get yourself tested for coronavirus.
  • Provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test result.
  • Quarantine for 7 days in Myanmar in a government-approved hotel or facility upon your arrival.
  • Get tested for Covid-19 after 7 days of quarantine (via the National Health Lab at MMK 200,000).
  • If results are negative, another 7 days of home quarantine is mandatory before you leave for the outdoors.
  • If results are positive, you will be relocated to a government hospital assigned for the patients of Covid-19.
  • After spending 28 days in the hospital, you can only leave after getting retested negative for 2 successive weeks prior.

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